The new Guimbal Cabri G2 is a state-of-the-art, two seat helicopter designed specifically for flight training. Not only is the G2 packed with tech and innovation, it has incredible safety margins for a lightweight helicopter. We believe the benefits of training on a modern machine with glass panel avionics will position our graduates to excel in the industry as professional pilots. Schedule your introductory flight lesson today!


  • 90 kt cruise speed at 85%

  • 4.5 hrs endurance

  • Reliable Lycoming O360-J2A powerplant

  • 160 horsepower

  • Three-bladed main rotor with composite blades

  • 617 lbs payload

  • Shrouded "Fenestron" tail rotor

  • Full composite structure

  • Crash resistant fuel cell

  • Automatic carburetor heat

  • Energy absorbing crash resistant seats

  • Immune to mast bumping


  • Instruction: 425/hr

  • Solo/Rental: 400/hr

  • Ground: 40/hr

Student Resources: