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Volare Helicopters is owned and operated by Tyler and Tasha Sturges. We provide helicopter photo flights, flight training, and aerial services in Southern Arizona. Located at Ryan Airfield, just 25 minutes SW of central Tucson.


Photo Flights:

Capture breathtaking views of the Tucson Mountains, Catalina Mountains, Downtown Tucson, or the Boneyards at Davis-Monthan or Pinal Airpark. Doors-off flights available upon request.

Flight Training:

Whether you're looking to earn a Private Pilot Certificate or become a Certified Flight Instructor, we will guide you every step of the way to achieve your goals. Graduates of our program will enter the industry flying with precision and confidence.

Aerial Services:

From LiDAR and skydiving to special events such as golf ball drops and proposal flights, we will meet your needs!

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