How many people can ride?

The helicopter has 3 passenger seats. 2 person minimum, 3 person maximum. We can do back-to-back flights for groups larger than 3.

Can I still fly if I'm a single rider?

Yes! You just have to cover the cost of 2 seats. In some cases we can combine single riders.

Do I need to tip the pilot?

Gratuity is never expected, but always appreciated!


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes. No flip flops or loose items.

Will I get airsick?

Very rarely do we have someone feel sick. Most find it smoother than an airplane. Our pilots will keep the flight as comfortable as possible.

Where do we meet?

At Marana Regional Airport. Enter the blue building with the double doors and relax in the lobby. An attendant will take you out to the helicopter.

How early should I show up?

15 minutes is recommended. It only takes a minute to walk from the parking lot into the blue building. As we often have back-to-back flights, we cannot accommodate late arrivals.

How long is the drive from Tucson to Marana Regional Airport?

About 25 minutes from the center of Tucson.

Can the helicopter doors be off?

Yes! Upon request for an additional $75. All cameras and personal items must be securely tethered to yourself.

Can I take pictures?

Of course! And tag us on social media!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule or receive a refund.



Email any other questions to

We look forward to flying with you!